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5 Essential Elements For An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Graphic of the essential elements for an effective email marketing campaign. Includes image of someone checking their emails on their phone.

Email marketing is a great way to enhance engagement and increase traffic to your website. Creating an effective email marketing strategy is a highly effective marketing tool. Newsletters help to keep your brand at the forefront of potential customer’s minds. We have provided some tips on how you can create an effective email marketing campaign.

You Want A Clear Call To Action

When you send out an email, you want to be able to grab people’s attention. Think about what you want to achieve by sending this email. Do you want more people to check out your website? Do you want people to make a purchase? Do you want them to sign up for an event? Include a call to action within your email to achieve your business goals. However, ensure that within each email there is only one clear call to action. 

Intriguing Subject Line

To encourage people to open your email, you need to have a subject line that intrigues your audience. There is a lot of pressure to try and get the subject line right. If you are an established brand or company that has already built trust with your audience, then your subject line may not matter too much as they will open your email no matter what. However, you will still want to gain new subscribers’ attention. When creating a subject line you want to be specific, hint at the value of the email, and try to add some personalisation. 

Great Copywriting

When it comes to an effective email marketing campaign, there is no set length that your email needs to be, just whatever feels right to you. Your emails need to be precise but also provide the right context. Some people like lengthy emails, but depending on your audience, some people prefer you to just get to the point. The more concise you are the more likely you are to keep the reader’s attention. However, when it comes to writing emails you always need to double-check for grammar and spelling errors. If your readers are distracted by any errors, this could prevent them from reading the rest of the email and they may even unsubscribe from your email list. 

Personalise Emails Based On Customer Data

People like it when an email is personalised to them, for example, “Hi (customer’s name)”. Our brain’s activity increases when this happens. You can use this personalisation to engage your audience via email marketing. 

Get Creative

You don’t want your audience to open an email that they see everywhere. Get creative with your designs. You want to set your emails apart from the competition. Use bright colours, unique fonts, gifs, images, memes, etc. Use your brand colours to personalise the email to your brand, the list of creativity is endless. 

These are some essential elements that you need for an effective email marketing campaign. Will you be using any of these elements in your email marketing campaigns? Let us know in the comments! For more blog posts on email marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, and more, please visit our website here.




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