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5 Major SEO Principles That Boost Your Website Traffic

5 Major Principles of SEO

There are various ways to increase traffic to your website, but one of the most powerful marketing tools to help you with that is search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO has been gaining momentum and serves as the foundation of numerous businesses. This powerful form of marketing is widely used by companies that rely heavily on online platforms to drive customers to their site. To increase web traffic, many businesses partner with a reputable SEO agency to help them develop a fantastic SEO plan.


SEO is incredibly significant because, according to research, 93% of website traffic comes from a keyword search through a search engine. Besides that, online ranking, which is greatly affected by your SEO practices, is vital in the online market since 75% of users don’t scroll past the first page of search results.


Before you get started in developing your SEO strategy, you’ll need to know its basic principles. Here are the five major SEO principles you need to know to help boost your website traffic. Let’s dive in!

1) Keyword Optimisation

Keywords for SEO

The main element that contributes to the success of your SEO plan is the keywords that you use. You should remember that every page on your website should have a meticulous keyword strategy because it will impact your standing on search engine algorithms.


To help you find keywords for your business’s topics, you first need to brainstorm. With your team, come up with all the relevant keywords you can think of. After that, use a keyword planner to help you reach your target market. Besides that, you can also search for business-related websites and Google’s suggestions when you search for services. 

2) Title Tags

Title Tags for SEO

Another essential SEO element is the title tags of your content. This is crucial since search engine algorithms detect and analyze your content headlines. Alongside your title tags, keywords work hand in hand with this element and play a significant role.


When you include a keyword on your headline, you allow search engines to recognize your content’s relevance, which dramatically affects your search engine ranking. 

3) Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions for SEO

Meta descriptions are an influential optimization contributor to your SEO plan. This is because a customer would look at two factors before they decide on clicking on your website: the headline and your meta descriptions.


Your headline and meta descriptions can influence the decisions of your customers. And because of that, it’s crucial to create a compelling meta description that includes relevant keywords, making it a convincing call-to-action.

4) Relevant and high-quality content

Content Marketing for SEO

You can use the most relevant keywords to drive customers to your website. However, if you have poor-quality content, you can expect these customers to bounce and look for another alternative company.


A contributing factor to a successful SEO strategy is by posting relevant content that helps address your target market’s issues and concerns. You want to be your audience’s go-to company in your industry. 

5) SEO audit

SEO Audit - Digital Marketing

To have consistent website productivity, it’s mandatory that you get a regular SEO audit with the help of a reliable SEO agency. This is essential because you want to find mistakes and areas where your website needs improvement.


To do this, your SEO agent will browse each page of your website for titles and meta descriptions and optimize every keyword used in each post. Besides that, they’ll analyze the URL structure of your articles and conduct various website device optimizations to improve customer experience.


By doing this, your SEO agent can give you the SEO value of your website, highlight flaws and missing elements, as well as improve your content. 


Deciding to invest time and energy on SEO is one of the most important strategies your business will have to build. This is because it improves your online visibility and helps you gain authentic potential leads. By integrating these five major principles and working with a reputable SEO agency, you’ll watch your website traffic sky-rocket and ultimately boost your sales.


Do you need help improving your online visibility, ranking, and sales? Look no further because Clickscope Digital has you covered. We are a digital marketing agency in Cambridge that offers marketing services, such as SEO, pay-per-click and content creation to help drive leads to your company. Claim your free strategy call today!




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