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Case Study: A Revitalizing Story

Business Case Study - Revitalize Resprays

Early last month we moved into a new office block as part of our next steps at Lumos Digital Marketing. Whilst moving in we noticed a large and empty whiteboard by the entrance of the office block, having suffered seemingly months or years of neglect, we decided to give this whiteboard some much-needed TLC. We dusted off the whiteboard and repurposed it as an introduction to ourselves and also offered any occupants of the office block a free digital drop-in session if they wanted to come and say ‘hi’ and discuss all things digital.

Shortly after writing this message we were greeted with an enthusiastic knock on our door. Bryan from Revitalize Resprays swiftly entered the room bringing with him enough enthusiasm and passion to not only propel his own business to great heights but motivate everyone around him to do the same. Bryan explained to us his ambition and goals for his Kitchen Respray company and the current challenges he was encountering with his website and advertising strategy. It’s worth mentioning here that as a non-marketer Bryan was already doing really well with his digital presence!

After discussing his goals and what he wanted from his current campaigns and websites we set about creating a strategy and proposal for him that would work best for his business at the stage he is at. Despite his business still being in its infancy, Bryan and his co-founder Lee had already made great progress and their digital channels were starting to build up some momentum. What we agreed upon was a plan to light a fire under their existing efforts and push their online visibility and sales to the next level. So, how did we go about doing this?

Complete Website Re-Design

Revitalize Mockup Image

Bryan had worked with another agency prior to us who had helped them to establish their online presence and create a solid website that worked for what they needed at the time. As the business began to expand and they were looking towards improving their SEO, this one-page website had started to fall short of what they needed. We took their existing site and content and set about a full re-design to really expand upon their services and offerings. The website re-design project consisted of the following:

  • WordPress Website Design & Development
  • Interactive Before/After Gallery Page
  • 1500 Words of new copy on top of the existing content
  • Keyword Research to optimise each individual page
  • Set up conversion tracking for contact forms and phone numbers

Through building this website we were able to establish the foundations for future success for Revitalize Respray, providing them with a website that could scale alongside their business and drive further engagement and conversions from their visitors.

Google Ads Optimisation

Bryan had done a fantastic job of setting up a well rounded Google Ads campaign but as with most small businesses that look towards Google Ads, had been convinced by Google to push ahead with full ads automation which meant he was spending all of his budget but without necessarily getting the results back. Revitalize were concerned that the money there were spending was not generating a positive return for the business but they had no way of determining that. As part of our optimisation we set about the following:

  • Reduced excessive spending and halved their daily budget
  • Expanded their negative keyword list which had been triggering a lot of irrelevant broad match clicks
  • Created a call only campaign – as a business that does the majority of sales over the phone, this was a great way to drive instant leads and conversions
  • Reviewed their Ad copy to identify areas for improvement
  • Established conversion tracking for quote and contact forms on their new website to determine which ads and keywords were generating leads


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Kitchen Resprays Mockup Google

We are also heading up Revitalize’s SEO efforts going forward in line with the re-design of their new website. Revitalize have a lot of great content on their website and have started to be indexed for some high volume keywords. That being said, they are still a considerable way from the first page for a lot of these terms so there are some big opportunities to drive lots of relevant organic traffic to their site. In addition to that, their local SEO has some solid foundations with over 50 5* reviews. We will be working with Revitalize to ensure that their on-page SEO is leaps ahead of their competition and will be helping them with off-page Digital PR and link building opportunities to help improve their site authority. Our SEO strategy going forward consists of:

  • Regular monthly copy for the site – this will be researched around relevant keywords and built up gradually as content clusters on key areas of their services.
  • On page SEO – we built the site with an SEO first approach so many of the on-page issues aren’t there however we will work to further improve site structure by creating content silos and maximising internal linking opportunities.
  • Local SEO – Revitalize already do well with their Google My Business listing and have a very impressive catalogue of reviews. We will work with them to further drive this platform by adding regular posts and images to their listing as well as building up citation listings for the business.
  • Finally, we will be working to improve their site authority through off-page SEO. We will be looking to source links and features from industry-specific sites to improve their brand visibility and website authority.


Social Media & Content

Revitalize Social Media Mockup

Finally, we are also looking to the future in terms of building a robust and well-thought-out content and social media strategy for Revitalize. This isn’t an immediate priority for ourselves of Revitalize but we will be looking to expand their social media channels in the future as well as creating some high-quality video content to help showcase what is a very visual and engaging service. Our content strategy will consist of the following areas:

  • Social Media Management – we will help to curate, schedule and publish content for Revitalize that is relevant to both new and existing customers
  • Creation of Social Assets – we will create engaging graphics and images primarily for Instagram that help to showcase the work done by Revitalize
  • Video Content – We have plans to help film, produce and edit engaging video content that will be used in a variety of ways for Revitalize including advertisements, social media posts and website content.


This is just a brief introduction to the work we are doing with Revitalize Resprays but we hope it showcases the amazing work they are doing. Here at Lumos, we are incredibly excited to see the growth of this dynamic and exciting business and with Bryan and Lee at the helm, we are confident that they will be leading the way in Kitchen Respray services across the UK in no time.

If you are interested in any of the services mentioned in this case study or are curious about how you can make them work for your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us – all of our consultations are free and our priority is always to help businesses where we can before profit.




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