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Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Digital marketing trends to look out for in 2022

We discussed the trends of 2021, now it is time to talk about what digital marketing trends we should look out for in 2022.

Infographic with images of the different digital marketing trends predicted for 2022


Email Marketing Becoming The Most Important Digital Marketing Strategy


A lot of people have considered email marketing to be outdated. However, it is set to make a huge comeback in 2022 in terms of your digital marketing strategy. Email marketing allows you to create engaging experiences with potential and current customers. There are tons of ways in which you can create engagement through email marketing. For example, when your customers first visit your website, show them a pop-up ad that states to sign up to your newsletter now for 10% off. It is these kinds of incentives that keep customers coming back.


Meta Is Everywhere


In 2021, we saw that Facebook has officially changed its name to Meta. Facebook is betting hugely on the Metaverse. Metaverse is a term that is used for virtual and augmented experiences. Mark Zuckerberg and others think that this will be the future of the internet. It has been said that digital marketers should begin to look for business opportunities within these spaces.


Bad Mobile Experiences Will Be Penalised


If visitors do not have a great experience when visiting your site on their mobile, then your organic rankings will suffer. According to Google, 79% of people are more likely to revisit a site if the mobile version is easy to use. If you haven’t already, optimise your website for mobile! You want your mobile set to be responsive, have a high page speed, no pop-ups or other aspects that create friction and annoyance for mobile users.


Facebook Ads Performance Will Be More Effective


Facebook ads are slowly becoming more and more effective. One of the reasons for this could be because Facebook has done work to make Facebook ads that bit easier to use, so they are a lot more effective. Something that has been brought up a lot of the past couple of years is that internet users, their attention spans are getting shorter and shorter You will want to create ads that are easy to consume and don’t require a lot of attention. An idea that you could do is make fun, short videos such as Instagram reels or TikTok videos and try them in your ads. This will be sure to capture consumers attention.


LinkedIn Leaning More Into Video


LinkedIn is more of a professional networking platform. In 2021, LinkedIn introduced Creator Mode for personal profiles. With Creator Mode being introduced, this meant more members have been given access to LinkedIn Live and the ability to be able to publish their own newsletter. In 2022, what we can expect from LinkedIn is more features and visibility of this new Creator Mode as most of the features are only currently available in the US. Short videos and audio are also set to take over the platform in 2022. It seems that in 2022, creators might be able to start creating short videos and audio clips to share with their networks, very similar to YouTube shorts.


Podcasting Will Become More Relevant


Over the pandemic, more people than ever started to listen and/ or produce their own podcasts. Using podcasting within your digital marketing strategy can be an extremely powerful tactic to use for your business. It does not cost a lot to record and produce a podcast either, you can easily use it within your budget. Podcasting is extremely powerful for brands, it is a great promotional tool, for example, the Pretty Little Thing: Behind Closed Doors podcast or The Diary of A CEO podcast. Both podcasts are proof that you can use podcasting to promote your brand or business. Read this blog all about why podcasting is becoming a more important aspect of a digital marketing strategy.


AI Automation


AI automation is set to become extremely popular over the next few years. The reason being is because AI automation is becoming more refined and as more programmes become more elite, AI automation will begin to assist businesses in being able to find the perfect target audience for them and reach them effectively. This is something that many businesses should begin to investigate in 2022.


Visual And Voice Search


Voice search will begin to change how digital marketers complete keyword research. They will start focusing more on long-tail keywords and creating content for their target audience. When planning and creating content, you should be choosing keywords that are based on what users are searching for on search engines. This helps you to create consistent content for your brand. When people use voice search, they are most likely to use long-tail keywords. If you create content around these long-tail keywords, this will increase your online visibility.


These are some of the key digital marketing trends that you should look out for in 2022. Did any of these take you by surprise? Check out our other blogs on digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO and more.




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