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Do you struggle with copywriting? Here are 8 powerful tips to get you started!

Copywriting tips

What does copywriting mean?

Copywriting is when you write pieces of content for online purpose. This may be in forms of blogs, emails, press releases, websites, social media posts, the list is endless.

Infographic discussing top copywriting tips for readers.

Our top tips:

Do not be afraid to use your personality.

As a writer, you will want to have your own unique voice and writing style. You will want to stand out from your competitors. To do this, you need to not be afraid to use your personality. This will draw readers in. Make sure that your writing piece demonstrates your brand personality. This includes voice, style, word choice, unique selling point. Always ensure that your piece matches your target audiences’ needs and desires.

Graphic with 2 women dancing with text stating to show your personality.

Tell a story when you are writing!

When writing about a topic, do not just spout bits of information and jargon that may bore your readers. Instead tell a story. Storytelling will captivate your readers and heightens the chances of them taking in the information you are talking about. Writing your piece in the form of a story, if written well it can leave your readers hungry and yearning for more. This is exactly what you want when it comes to a good copywriting piece.

Graphic with a mm reading her daughter a fairytale with text stating to tell a story.

Ask your reader’s questions!

A great tactic to use is ask your readers questions throughout your piece. This will make them think and even re-read your piece. This is called a persuasion tactic. It is a clever idea to phrase your question as more of a statement. If your readers are saying yes and nodding their heads, then you have got them hooked!

Graphic with question marks with text stating to ask your readers questions.

Use imagery throughout your writing piece.

Imagery helps your writing piece to look more interesting whether than is placing images throughout your blog post, including it in your newsletters, social media posts etc. It helps to hold your audiences’ attention and it breaks up your text nicely.

Graphic with polaroid's of mountain views with text stating to use imagery throughout your writing!

Include a nice, strong call to action.

A CTA is an instruction for your audience, which prompts them to do something whether that is to read other posts on your website, buy a product, use a discount code, visit your website etc. Some examples are: “Visit our website now,” “Share this post if you agree,” “Click the link in our bio to find out more.” However, when including your CTAs, you want to make sure you match your buyer persona, that you offer something of value, offer prospects- think of things that your readers will want and lastly reiterate your most important benefit.

Graphic with a woman video chatting her friend with text stating to include a CTA.

Use powerful language!

Through your writing piece you want to use power words. The reason they are called power words is because they make the reader feel something. An example of a way to sue power words within a sentence is “Check out these mind-blowing facts about the filming of the new Netflix show Squid games.” The power word is highlighted. Can you see how this one sentence can instantly intrigue your readers? Use power words make an enormous difference to your writing piece!

Graphic with a woman with a megaphone with text stating to use powerful language

Do not use jargon. Use language that your readers will understand.

The last thing that you would want to do is confuse your readers by using language that they do not understand. Using jargon or overly clever language leaves the risk of your message not being heard. Using everyday languages comes across nicer. There are brands that have seen tremendous success from using everyday language such as Aldi, their twitter has been a huge success and posting content relatable to their followers! Another brand that does this well is Innocent Drinks. They have a nice, down to earth style of content writing.

Graphic with a person explaining something to someone who doesn't understand with text stating to not to use jargon.

Talk about the benefits not the features.

You do not want to solely focus on the features. You want to speak about the benefits of these features, this is especially important if you are selling products. An example of this is for example if you are selling a backpack with features such as rain cover, LED light and security pouch. You will talk about the benefits of the bag rather than the features for example the LED is handy for when you are travelling at night, drivers are able to see you. You see writing about the benefits are a lot more interesting and intrigue your readers more.

Graphic with 2 thumbs up with cash in between with text stating to talk about the benefits of your brand.

These are our top copywriting tips. To read more blog posts all about this topic, social media marketing, digital marketing, SEO and more click here.




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