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How do I attract clients as a freelancer?

Freelancing clients

Starting up your own freelancing business can be daunting. One of the first questions most people ask is how do I find or attract clients? We have the answers for you below!

Get to know what kind of clients you would like to attract!

A lot of the time, freelancers tend to not know exactly who it is they are targeting. You need to know what niche you want to target in order to know where to look for potential clients. One of the best ways to attract clients is to communicate with businesses in your niche, find out if they need a freelancer and explain what it is you do. Post in Facebook groups related to your niche, utilise social media! That is what it is there for.

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Create a website and/or portfolio!

Creating a website or a portfolio for your freelance business is an essential part of freelancing. If you are not too sure about a website, create an Instagram page dedicated to your business this also counts as a portfolio. You want to highlight your work to potential clients. It is important for potential clients to see your work to see if you are the right fit for them and their business. If you have a website, make sure to keep it updated as it further shows your skillset.

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Create content for others!

Create content for other creators or freelancers! Whether this is guest posting for other bloggers which helps to promote your business and what you do. Guest writing for others highlights your work. Creating content for others means more people seeing your work which then means more potential clients.

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Network in person!

Attend any events that are happening which are related to what you do. Make sure to bring business cards with you! You never know what connections you may make! Meeting people face to face is always a lot more memorable and proves your legitimacy. Go to events that are relevant to your interests OR the interests of potential clients you want to attract. Networking face to face is a terrific way to approach potential clients.

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Use email marketing!

A way to pitch your services is to get into the inboxes of potential clients. This can play a crucial role in freelancing you do not have to rely on organic search or social media guidelines to be able to reach your target audience and/or your future clients. Through email marketing you can build your own company. A tool we recommend for email marketing is Mailchimp, it provides you with everything you need to build your own mailing campaign.

To build your own community over emailing it is an innovative idea to use a pop-up builder to create a notification on your website to prompt visitors to enter their email for a perk e.g., discount, free delivery, free consultation etc. This is a fantastic way to build up your email list without much work.

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Get listed and encourage past/ current clients to leave reviews!

To get clients you need your business to be searchable on popular search engines and sites such as Google. A lot of industries will have their own listing sites. For example, there may be sites designed to find freelance web designers or social media marketers. Ensure that you when you list yourself on a site, that it is a site where people are looking for the service that you are providing.

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Be an expert in your field!

A way to attract potential clients is to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Again, you can do this by guest blogging on other websites that are well known. This is also a fantastic way to get links back to your website. Use social media to your advantage. Post and comment about any news that is happening within your field. You will of course need to develop and build upon your skills to be considered an expert. This is a wonderful way for experienced freelancers to get noticed by potential clients.

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We hope this made your journey in freelancing that bit more easier! To find out more about freelancing, digital marketing and all things SEO, read our other blog posts here.




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