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How To Build An Influencer Marketing Strategy

How to build a marketing influencer strategy

Are you interested in including influencers in your marketing strategy but are not too sure how to implement this into your strategy? We are here to tell you how.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular over the years. Influencer marketing is a way in which brands can promote their products through recommendations from influencers and content creators online. Influencers have overtaken the social media world the past few years and brands now rely a lot on them to promote their brands and products.

How To Build An Influencer Marketing Strategy


Figure Out How To Find The Right Influencers And What To Pay Them

Before investing in influencer marketing, you need to do your research. Figure out what platform you want your brand/ products advertised on. If you are just starting out in influencer marketing, it is best to focus on one platform at a time. It is understood but always ensure that your brand is present on the platform where you want to perform influencer marketing. To begin your research, investigate the type of influencers that you are interested in/ suit your niche. Are you looking into influencers with massive followings, or do you think micro-influencers with less than 5,000 followers will suit your brand better? What type of influencers you decide to focus on will determine your budget. Research the common rates for the type of influencers you are going for, what influencers tend to charge can vary widely depending on how big their following is. Some smaller influencers work independently whereas slightly bigger ones may be represented by a management agency. Think about your budget and the compensation of the influencer you want. The average price for micro-influencers with between 3K-10K followers tends to charge between £50-£100 per post whereas bigger influencers tend to charge £80 per 10K followers for a post.

Set A Budget And Management Strategy

This is important! Once you figure out what influencers you are using and how much they charge, you need to figure out your budget. You will also want to consider the time it takes for planning, executing, and reviewing your influencer marketing strategy. You can not set up an influencer marketing strategy and forget about it, it takes constant reviewing and updating and planning.

Decide On Your Goals And Message

The reason brands want to use influencer marketing is to promote brand awareness and increase sales. When it comes to setting up goals, think about what your brand’s needs are. Whether that is to increase your customer base globally rather than locally. Influencers have the fantastic ability to reach specific audiences worldwide and can help you massively to reach your target goals. Influencers will get your target demographic interested in your brand/ product and encourage them to look at your website and social media pages. Your brand’s message is incredibly important. You want your influencers to be creative and unique, but you do not want them to send out an unrelated message about your brand. Think about and decide how you want to structure your influencer marketing campaign and message.

How To Contact Influencers

Once you decide your marketing campaign and what influencers you are going to reach out to, it is now time to contact these influencers. You will want to go back to researching and decide what ones you want to contact. When researching, think about: does the influencer already post similar things to your brand? Are they genuine? Check their engagement rate to see if their followers are legit and not bots. Have they worked with similar brands before?

Reaching out to influencers is fairly easy, for micro-influencers you can just send them a private message on their socials, however, for bigger influencers, have a good look around their profile, for collabs there tends to be an email address you need to contact if you find it then send out a well-worded, nice email and sit back and wait for the replies.

Lastly, Review And Update Your Strategy

Even if your influencer marketing strategy is all set up and it is going well, you will still need to measure its progress. Review what is going well and not so well and fix your strategy accordingly.

That is our guide to influencer marketing. Did you find this post helpful? Read our other blogs all about social media marketing, SEO, digital marketing, and more here.




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