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How To Create a PLR Course That Sells?

PLR Course Banner Image

An online course is probably the most profitable asset that we marketers can create and sell. But the problem is that course creation requires a significant amount of time, as well as knowledge in the topic. Fortunately, we have a great solution to it, and that is PLR products.

What are PLR Products and Courses?

PLR Products, also known as done-for-you, or white-label content, are digital products with Private Label Rights. Those rights allow you to use already created content almost however you like. That includes reselling, editing, rebranding, giving away, and claiming your full authorship.

PLR product is a great solution for those who want to save time in a product creation process as there’s no need to create it from scratch.

There can be many types of PLR products, including – articles, ebooks, videos, software, graphics, audios, etc, and you can use them all as your own.

Today, we have plenty of websites where you can find and download high-quality done-for-you content without paying a fortune.

PLR Courses, are essentially packages of various PLR products, just like regular online courses that consist of different info products.

Unfortunately, there are not too many done-for-you PLR courses available to download, but we can easily compile a PLR course from individual PLR products.

How To Create A Successful PLR Course That Sells?

Creating a PLR course is not much different from creating a regular online course. The difference is that we already have the components that we need to put into one, and everything becomes easier. 

However, there are some steps that you should follow to avoid mistakes and to create the best possible product. So here we go:

1) Choose A Niche:

Choosing the right niche is a critical step in a PLR course creation process. It’s always better to go with the niche that you like and have some expertise in it. 

Whether you are interested in marketing, business, fitness, finance, cooking, parenting, or anything else, by following your interests you will make the process more enjoyable, and you are more likely to produce a high-quality course.

Once you find the right niche, stick to it, and create a course about it. Don’t mix topics that are way too far from each other. The more specific you will be – the better results you will get.

2) Plan And Structure Your Course:

Although you are creating a course from done-for-you products, it is still a bit of a job and requires some planning. Try to write down and brainstorm your ideas on a piece of paper before you actually start creating a course.

Also, like chapters in a book, online courses come in modules. So, try to divide your course’s topic into several sub-topics. For example, if your course is about meditation, cover different types of meditation in each module.

By doing this you will make your course is more attractive to customers, and they will easier consume your content.

3) Use Only PLR Products:

If you haven’t heard before about PLR products, it’s easy to confuse them with other licensing product types. Websites that sell PLR stuff will normally have products with more restrictive rights, such as Resell Rights, and Master Resell Rights.

While you can use PLR however you like, Resell and Master Resell Rights only allow you to resell products without changing their contents. Also, they normally do not allow to combine PLR products, and you won’t be able to create a course from them.

So, before downloading done-for-you products from any website, make sure that they come with Private Label Rights.

4) Use Different Types of PLR Products:

While you can create only a video or only an ebook PLR course, it’s always better to have a mixture of different formats in your course. This will make your course more diverse, and more enjoyable for the customers to learn from.

It’s up to your imagination, how and what types of products you want to combine. Your course can freely consist of a mix of PLR articles, videos, graphics, ebooks, or any other types of products.

5) Rebrand PLR Products:

The problem with PLR products is that everyone can have access to them, and they are not likely to be original. If you are a content creator who wants the best for its audience and customers, you should be always focusing on providing only original products.

Luckily, Private Label Rights allow products to be rebranded and turned into original, and there are several ways to do that:

  • Change the titles
  • Put your logo on products
  • Redesign product covers
  • Rewrite the content
  • Add valuable content
  • Convert products into other formats

By following these steps you will make sure that you are selling fully unique and authentic courses to your customers. This will make your brand more memorable and increase the chances of the customers coming back.

To learn more about PLR Courses, you can read this helpful article at WayToChanges.




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