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How To Create Your First Digital Marketing Campaign

How to create your first digital marketing campaign

An important aspect of digital marketing is having a great, up-to-date plan or strategy. To have an effective digital marketing campaign it takes a lot of time, planning, research, and of course patience. When you think you have finished your digital marketing campaign, there is always room for improvement and your plan may need to be tweaked over time. Here are all the steps you need to complete to create your first digital marketing campaign:

Infographic with 6 stages of creating digital marketing strategy

Outline Your Marketing Goals

Like any plan, strategy, or campaign you will need to outline your goals and what you want to achieve with your campaign. The best way to do this is to establish your SMART goals- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time. This will help you to establish the best possible results. Some of these goals will be to gain more clients, earn more money, sell more products, etc. No goal is too big or too small. However, the first thing you want to do with any campaign is to outline your goals, so you can track and measure your campaign performance.

Next You Want To Figure Out Your Budget

The next thing you will need to do is figure out your budget. There would be nothing worse than planning a campaign and realise that you are spending more than your original budget. When you are researching your buyer persona, this costs money, and sometimes it can cost more than you expect so you will want to ensure that you include this research within your budget. Planning and figuring out your budget will help you with your goals and can even determine how much content you can create.

Complete Market Research

Firstly, figure out who your target audience is. If you already have a website, using Google Analytics you can pull data about the type of people who are visiting your website, you can view their gender, age, likes, dislikes, region, etc. However, if you do not have a website then you will have to do market research. To make things that bit easier you can have a look at your competitor’s site to see who they are targeting however just to be clear, do not only target their audience. Try finding a more niche market on which you could focus. You cannot target everyone; decide what kind of business you are whether that is a B2B business or B2C business. To be able to create a successful digital marketing campaign you will need to have a well-defined audience. Another way in which you can figure out your target audience is that you can survey the customers you currently have or if it is within budget, you can hire a digital marketing company to do the research for you.

Decide On The Channels That You Want To Use

When creating your digital marketing campaign, you will want to make use out of as many channels as possible. However, the best way to go about this is to just show up on the channels that your target audience is on. If you are a B2B business, you will be using slightly different channels compared to B2C of course some of them will be the same but not exactly the same. If you are a B2B company you can advertise on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Business owners tend to also use Google Ads as well. Google Ads can help your website to get to the top of search results which is great.

An important aspect of digital marketing and almost essential to your campaign is email marketing! Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business but is often one of the most neglected. If you put effort into creating these channels and using these strategies, then your digital marketing campaign will be phenomenal.

Keyword Research Is Important

This is incredibly important if you are planning to optimise your website to rank on top of search engine results pages, or if you are planning to run Google Ads, then you will need to complete keyword research. What are keywords? Keywords are words that users will type into search engines such as Google or Yahoo so they can find a product or an answer to their question. If you do not want to run ads, if it is not in your budget, you will need to make sure your website is optimised. You can optimise your website for free. It is a clever idea to have a think and a brainstorm about what kind of words your target audience would be searching for. Have a google yourself and see what keywords pop up.

You Will Want To Measure The Results Of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

This is one of the most important stages of a digital marketing strategy. Once you have completed and implemented your strategy, the next stage is to analyse and measure the results of your strategy, to see what is and is not working. Measuring how effective your strategy is will help you to correct what has not been working to achieve the goals you have set.

This is everything that goes into creating a digital marketing strategy. Was it what you thought it was? Click here to read our other blogs all about digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and more.




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