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How To Market Your Companies Value Proposition

How to market your value proposition

What is a value proposition?

Value proposition refers to a service or innovation, feature or product that are intended to make a company or brand more beneficial to its customers. You can use value propositions throughout your marketing strategy; however, most companies tend to just focus it on their website’s home page as you want to try and engage potential customers as soon as possible. You want to be able to give potential customers a reason as to why they should purchase from you. 

The key to value propositions tends to include a block of text, a small paragraph, and a graphic of some sort. You will want to create a unique value proposition. To do this you should, review your company’s benefits, costs, and its value. You want to show your potential customers exactly what your company brings to the table. You will need to think about much your customers are expected to pay and whether they will face any risks doing business with you and you will also want to think about how your company makes your customer’s life better. 

How to write a value proposition: 

Your value proposition should be the first thing that people see as soon as they click on your website, it should be included on the entry of every main page on your website. Your statement should be relevant and unique to your company, but it should also offer your customers value. You want your value proposition to be able to connect with your audience. You want to use language that your audience will understand. You will need to know your audience well enough to know what language they enjoy and relate to; you want to be able to jump right in the conversation with them. You want to be able to offer a solution to their problems. It is a great idea to look at your brand from your customers perspective. 

When writing your value proposition, you will need to ask yourself these kinds of questions to ensure it is unique to your brand. You will need to think about what benefits you offer your customers. What value does your brand bring your customers? You will need to think of who your target customer is and what your brand’s purpose is. Think about what makes your brand unique and always use a call to action. Once you have all the information you need, this is a great basis to start your value proposition on.

Things to keep in mind when creating your value proposition:

When creating your VP, you want to think like your audience! Think about your target customer. Your language should relate to the type of customer you are trying to target. 

You do not want to be vague when writing your VP. You need to be as specific as possible, especially when you are describing the benefits of your brand. Each sentence should be concise and communicate your brand well. 

You will want to create separate VPs for all the different services or products that you offer. The reason you do this is that you will want the same customers to buy various products or services that you sell. 

It is a clever idea to include social proof. This is a terrific way to build trust with your customers. Social proof is just customer reviews of your brand or product. You can incorporate these within your value proposition. Just ensure that it is just a short sentence, otherwise, your VP will just turn into another testimonial. Social proof is a fantastic way to establish value. 

Always double check your value proposition before you post. When you have finished writing your VP, reread it to ensure it is easy and quick to read. You want to ensure that your VP covers the most important topics you want to cover but also that your target customers can understand it within the first ten seconds. If you want advice, show your proposition to a couple of people, and see what they think. This will be a wonderful way to see if your VP is effective. 

You should rework and change up your value propositions every couple of years. The reason for this you want your brand to be seen as evolving and growing with your target customers. You will want to better your VP, you can do this by doing a better job of describing the values of your business. 






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