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How To Repurpose Old Content

Title graphic stating how to repurpose old content

Repurposing content can be a complete lifesaver at times, especially if you ever suffer from writer’s block.

What Are The Benefits Of Repurposing Content? 

Helps To Save Time and Money

Repurposing old content helps you save so much time and money. Did you know that 60% of marketers have said that their time is spent on low-value or unnecessary tasks that includes researching information or content ideas. Instead of trying to think of new ideas, look at what content you already have and go from there. You can create Instagram posts from blog posts that have already been created. 

Can Help To Beat Writer’s Block

Are you struggling to think up new content ideas? There is no shame in looking at content you have previously posted and repurposing this content. 

Diversify Your Content

Everybody learns differently but you want your audience to hear the same consistent message. You can offer your content in different formats that will help you to achieve these goals. 

How Can I Repurpose Old Content?

There are many ways that you can repurpose content. Some of these ways are:

Turn Old Blog Posts Into Guides

When you have written a blog about a particular topic, you can repurpose this content into a fresh new guide. For example, you may have previously written a blog post about how to edit TikToks, how to hop on TikTok trends, and how to figure out the TikTok algorithm. Any blog post that you have written about TikTok you can turn this into a guide, for example, “The Ultimate TikTok Guide”.  However if your blog posts have been written more than a year before you might want to go through these posts and update them before you create a guide. Keep recycling your blog posts. You never want to lose any hard work that you have spent time creating. Your hard work should be able to get reused time and time again.

Build An Infographic

Create an infographic to post online. Infographics are a great way to repurpose blog posts. You can fit the important information from the blog onto the one infographic and you can then post the infographic on social media. This is a great tip for you to break up your blog post into major talking points. At Lumos we love to create our infographics using Canva, they have thousands of templates that you can use. 

Create An Ebook

Any content that you have previously posted, have you considered creating an ebook? For example, if you are a freelance social media marketer you can create an ebook called “The Complete Guide To Becoming A Freelance Social Media Marketer”. You can take all of your old blog posts and turn them into high-quality ebooks. If you do decide to create an ebook, make sure that you take the time to add additional content and research just so you can really help out your audience and make it worth their time to purchase. You can make your ebook as long as you like and you can go into as much depth as you would like. Once you have created your ebook, you can use this to build your followers, customers, and subscribers list. 

Write A Guest Post

Creating high quality content can help lead you to more ideas. If you are also looking to promote your business further, have you considered link building? Creating guest posts can help you to develop more ideas for your own page and if you wish you can repurpose content from your own platforms and turn them into guest posts to help create more reach for your business. 

These are all of our tips on how you can purpose content. Have you found this post helpful? If you are interested in any digital marketing services such as social media marketing, SEO, content creation, copywriting, PPC, and more, then please get in touch with us today.




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