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March Marketing News- Monthly Marketing News

March Marketing News

Social Media News


Social Media news

Is Twitter Becoming A Podcast-Based Platform?

It became known this month that Twitter is looking into making podcasts a bigger focus within the app. They are currently creating a new tab within the app dedicated to podcasts. Twitter is about to take a huge leap into the podcast industry. This is positive for podcasters as it enables them to create direct links to their podcasts on Twitter. What is your opinion on Twitter’s new feature? We do not know whether social media apps will become more audio-based after the hype of Clubhouse very quickly died down, but this audio trend is still slowly on the rise so who knows what is in store for the future? If Twitter does this new feature right and they, do it well, it could be a terrific addition and other social media platforms may follow suit. This new feature has a lot of potential.

TikTok Has Launched A New ‘SoundOn’ Program To Help Support Independent Musicians

TikTok wants to provide more support for unsigned musicians which is fantastic. They are producing a feature called ‘SoundOn’ which will allow musicians to upload and license their music to help boost their presence. This means that any aspiring musician can use TikTok’s partner streaming platform Resso to upload and license their tracks. As well as this, any artists who upload their music using SoundOn will also be able to distribute their work to other music platforms. This is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring musicians who want to make a name for themselves in the music industry.

LinkedIn Launched ‘Career break’ Option For All Users

This feature allows users to add more context to explain any gaps in their career history. It includes a range of alternative job titles or gap options. It allows users to add in more details to a career gap whether that means you were focusing on full-time parenting, bereavement, mental health break, a gap year, etc. This has been a highly requested feature for LinkedIn over the past couple of years.

Pinterest Now Allows Users To Share Idea Pins on Other Platforms

Pinterest has added a new update where it is now giving users the option to download and share their idea pins on other social media platforms. Now, these platforms only include Facebook and Instagram. This is a major update for Pinterest creators that have decent followings on Facebook and Instagram. Pinterest users can easily repurpose their story-like content on Pinterest and share their creations with other communities.

Instagram Has Launched ‘Black Perspectives’ Programme To Highlight Black Creators In The UK

Instagram has launched a new campaign to highlight Black creators in the UK and to empower leaders in the Black community to inspire the next generation of users. The programme is called ‘Black Perspectives’ and it is aimed to challenge the status quo by empowering Black creators across different industries. Instagram will highlight four unique projects, each of which will support Black creators. Instagram wants to offer better support for marginalised communities and help Black communities to amplify their voice and get more audience attention.

YouTube Is Now Allowing Users To Watch Thousands of TV Shows For Free Within The App

YouTube announced in March, that users will now be able to watch TV shows within the app with ads. Millions of people watch YouTube already so why not add TV shows into the mix to watch.

Twitter Introduces Keyword Research for DMs

This means that you can locate specific mentions within any DM, so you can track past conversations, products, people mentioned, links shared, and more.

Social Media Marketing Updates


Social Media Marketing Updates

Instagram Launched Automated Captions For Feed Videos

They first launched captions for IGTVs back in 2020 and they then expanded to story captions last year. Instagram has now allowed users to auto-generate captions for feed videos. Users will now have the option to autogenerate captions which makes feed videos more accessible to all users. Auto-captions have been the most requested feature of most apps that share video and story content. This feature will help creators maximise their views with both the sound on and off options.

Digital Marketing News/ Strategy

Digital Marketing news


Instagram Removed Its Separate Boomerang And Hyperlapse Apps From App Stores

To create a boomerang to upload to Instagram you would have had to download a separate boomerang app before creating said boomerang. However, both Boomerang and Hyperlapse apps have been removed from the app stores. What does this mean? The boomerang function is already built into the app, so there is now no longer a need to have a separate application for this feature.

TikTok Launches Search Ads in Beta For Selected Partners

This method is providing another way for TikTok marketers to reach their audience through the search terms they use. This is a fantastic way to be able to reach people with higher purchase intent and interest. TikTok will provide marketers with a listing of the search terms they used on their campaigns that gained clicks, so they know what terms worked well for them.

Through this, you will be able to build a database of the most popular searches in the app which can help to guide your content targeting.

Content Marketing News


Content Marketing News

TikTok adds Gif Library For Creative Elements

This feature will enable users to choose popular gifs that they can include in their TikTok content. This means that more users may participate in meme trends and continue with the fun element of the app.

That is everything we have for the marketing news in March. What surprised you the most about marketing this month? For more content on digital marketing, content creation, etc, please click here to read more.




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