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Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns Of 2022

2022 marketing campaigns

2022 was a great year for marketing campaigns. We thought we would take a trip down memory lane and tell you all what our favourite marketing campaigns of 2022 were. 

EE’s “Hope United”

EE released this campaign back in July. The campaign was released alongside the Women’s 2022 Euros in order to tackle online sexist hate. They delivered powerful messages of perseverance and unity through visual imagery. Throughout the advertisement, we see some of the players from the women’s Euro team and they are met with the line “That’s going to be a problem” when faced with obstacles such as gruesome physical injuries, parenting, and menstruating. The campaign cleverly portrays the less glamorous side of everyday life as a professional footballer. What we loved about this campaign was how they challenged the social discourse surrounding gender bias. 

CPD London “Imagine” 

This campaign was released on International Women’s Day 2022. CPD gathered vital data from a nationwide UK study to tackle unconscious data to #BreakTheBias. This study showed that 39% of children surveyed said that females (or mummies) should do most of the housework and be the primary caregiver and that males (or daddies) should be the breadwinner and go out to work. This campaign ran nationwide throughout the UK, even though this campaign was created for International Women’s Day however it is still very relevant in day-to-day life.

Lego “Braille Bricks”

Lego has done its best to prove that learning can be fun. Lego aimed to help visually impaired children learn braille through play, Lego released Braille Bricks. The bricks are fully compatible with existing lego toys. The braille bricks are moulded with studs that match braille letters and numbers. The bricks are designed to be exclusive so parents, teachers, and other students who are sighted can interact too. 

Dove’s “Detox Your Feed”

Dove always manages to absolutely kill their marketing campaigns. They always manage to draw attention to current social issues. This campaign sheds light on the toxicity surrounding social media and the images and videos that young girls are exposed to daily via their social media feeds. The video shows mums sitting with their daughters in front of a big screen. The daughters begin scrolling through their social media feeds which are being projected on a big screen. On the phone we see the girls scrolling through influencers who are promoting beauty products, the feed then begins to show us videos of their mums that have been dubbed to make it seem like they are also promoting beauty products such as diet pills, botox, fillers and other products that young girls can use to change their appearance. The video then changes with “A girl’s greatest influence will always be her parents”. We have all seen the impact that social media can have and we love this campaign for drawing more attention to how toxic social media can be for young people.

KFC’s “#Unboring Morning”

When people think of KFC they tend to think of eating there for lunch or dinner, never breakfast. However, KFC aims to change this with their #UnboringMorning campaign. Through this hashtag, we can see a series of quirky videos and content that are far from the ordinary such as a commute to work in a sidecar. KFC has been trialling a breakfast menu in some of their restaurants in Singapore. 

There you have it, our favourite marketing campaigns of 2022. What were your favourite campaigns this year? If you are interested in more posts about digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and more then read the rest of our blog posts here.




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