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Gaming Community Website
iSiege Community

Lumos Digital Marketing recently completed the website design for the iSiege Gaming Community, crafting an engaging and dynamic online platform tailored to gaming enthusiasts.

The redesign focuses on creating an immersive user experience with intuitive navigation and interactive features that foster community engagement. Alongside the visual enhancements, we integrated SEO strategies to boost the website’s visibility, ensuring that gamers can easily find and connect with the iSiege Gaming Community.

iSiege Mockup
iSiege Community

iSiege is a vibrant gaming community dedicated to bringing together gamers from around the world to connect, compete, and collaborate. They offer a platform for gamers to engage in various activities, including tournaments, discussions, and social events, fostering a strong sense of community among their members. Recognizing the need for a more engaging and user-friendly online presence, iSiege reached out to Lumos Digital Marketing for their expertise in website design and digital marketing.

Lumos was contacted by iSiege after they identified the need to revamp their outdated website, which was not effectively engaging their community or attracting new members. Impressed by Lumos’s innovative design solutions and successful track record, iSiege enlisted their help to create a dynamic and interactive website that better served their growing community’s needs.

What problem did we solve?

We addressed the issue of an outdated and less interactive website that was failing to engage the gaming community and attract new members. By redesigning the website with a focus on user experience and community engagement, we significantly improved its functionality and appeal.

The Mission

Our mission was to design a dynamic, user-friendly website for the iSiege Gaming Community that not only enhanced the user experience but also facilitated greater community interaction. We aimed to create an engaging online platform that would attract new members and keep existing members actively involved.

Final Results

The website redesign resulted in a vibrant, easy-to-navigate platform that effectively showcases iSiege’s activities and fosters community engagement. The improved design and functionality have led to increased user interaction and a growing membership base, significantly boosting the community’s overall activity.

Ongoing Marketing

Our ongoing marketing efforts include continuous SEO optimization to maintain and improve search engine rankings, ensuring that the iSiege Gaming Community remains easily discoverable by potential new members. We also provide regular updates and performance reports to track progress and make data-driven adjustments, ensuring the website continues to meet the community’s evolving needs.


2021 Q1




iSiege Gaming Logo


iSiege Gaming

Check out Main Highlights

The main highlights of the project include the complete redesign of the iSiege Gaming Community website, resulting in a vibrant, user-friendly platform that enhances community engagement. Our SEO strategies have improved the website’s visibility, attracting new members and increasing overall activity. The intuitive navigation and interactive features have significantly boosted user interaction, fostering a stronger, more active gaming community.

In addition to the above, iSiege needed a way to submit forms and applications directly from their website to their community discord server. We set up a custom link using Zapier to automate this process for them. 

iSiege Mockup