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Ecommerce Website Build
Maxtop Quartz

Maxtop Quartz embarked on a transformative journey to establish their brand with the launch of a groundbreaking new product. Starting from the ground up, we designed a state-of-the-art website featuring bespoke functionality for instant quotes and full ecommerce capabilities powered by Shopify, complete with basic SEO optimization to ensure a strong market presence from day one.

Maxtop Website
Maxtop Quartz

Maxtop Quartz, a leading provider of high-quality quartz worktops, faced the challenge of launching a new product and needed a robust online presence to match their innovative offering. Lumos stepped in to create a brand-new website from scratch, integrating bespoke functionality for instant quotes and complete ecommerce support through Shopify, along with basic SEO optimisation to boost their online visibility.

What problem did we solve?

Maxtop Quartz required a comprehensive digital solution to introduce their new product effectively. They needed a visually appealing and user-friendly website with custom functionality for quoting and full ecommerce capabilities. Additionally, the site needed to be optimised for search engines to attract and retain customers.

The Mission

Our mission was to design and develop a state-of-the-art website that not only showcased Maxtop Quartz’s innovative products but also facilitated seamless user interaction and transactions. We aimed to provide a robust platform that would support their growth and enhance their market presence.

Final Results

The final result was a modern, fully functional ecommerce website powered by Shopify, featuring custom quote functionality and optimised for SEO. This new platform enabled Maxtop Quartz to launch their product successfully and provided a smooth and engaging user experience.

Ongoing Marketing

Our ongoing marketing efforts include continuous SEO optimization to maintain and improve search engine rankings, targeted social media campaigns to engage with the brand’s audience, and regular performance analyses to ensure the website continues to meet Lemon Apparel’s business goals and customer needs.


2023 Q1

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Maxtop Quartz Ltd

Check out Main Highlights

One of the biggest wins for the Maxtop Quartz project was the successful integration of bespoke functionality, which allowed users to get instant quotes directly from the website. This feature significantly enhanced user experience and streamlined the customer journey from interest to purchase. Additionally, the full ecommerce setup through Shopify enabled seamless transactions, expanding Maxtop Quartz’s reach and operational efficiency.

Lumos’ collaborative and agile working style was instrumental in the project’s success. By maintaining open communication and adapting to feedback swiftly, we ensured that the website met Maxtop Quartz’s specific needs and goals. Our proactive approach to problem-solving and attention to detail resulted in a high-quality, user-centric platform that effectively launched Maxtop Quartz’s new product into the market.

Maxtop Website