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Great social media content ideas to level up your strategy!

Content ideas

We know how hard it is to come up with constant content for your social media pages and blog posts. This is what we are here for, we want that weight to be lifted off your shoulders! Carry on reading for some high quality content ideas!

Run a contest or a giveaway!

Running a giveaway on your social media platforms is one of the best ways to increase engagement from potential followers. A survey showed that businesses who run giveaways are seen to grow 70% faster than those who don’t. You don’t need to spend hundreds for a giveaway. Just gather either a few products you sell or buy a few products from local businesses that you feel your followers may like. Then to enter the contest ask your followers to like, comment, share and tag their friends.

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Create ‘how to’s’ and tutorials! 

Followers love ‘how to’ hacks and tutorials. If you can, showcase a tutorial of how to use your product or if you are a food-based account, create a tutorial on your favourite recipe. Especially since Instagram is now pushing more video-based content. When it comes to doing ‘how to’s’ and tutorials you will want to keep the videos to one minute as people will more than likely watch until the end and won’t get bored.

Create a weekly or monthly series!

This is a great idea for content on your social media pages. One amazing idea can turn into a recurring series. For example, some fitness bloggers do monthly challenges with their audience to keep them engaged and share what they do. This is an easier concept rather than trying to constantly think up new ideas every week.

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Run a social media takeover!

If you work for a company, it is always a great idea to do a takeaway on stories where different members of the team do a day in their lives. These usually perform relatively well and allow your audience to get to know your team members, and they are fun to do.

Look up national days!

At the beginning of every month, look up national days for that month and if it relates to your business and what you do, create content around this. This keeps your brand relevant and there are many fun days every month that you can create content around for example, national cocktail day, national dog day, national friendship day. There are hundreds. Have fun coming up with ideas!

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Create an interactive grid post!

Having a good relationship with your audience is extremely important. Creating an interactive grid post will encourage your audience to like, comment and share your post. For your interactive post you could have something like “Name one thing you are grateful for today”. Posts like this will create great engagement and lets your audience know that you are a human behind the screen and not just a robot behind the social media account. Interactive grid posts are a great social media strategy to boost your brands engagement.

Show behind the scenes!

Show your audiences behind the scenes of your company. This once again allows your audience to see the faces behind the social media account and how your company runs. This makes for great content. People tend to enjoy watching how companies run behind the scenes. Pretty Little Thing do this extremely well.

Untitled design 30

Introduce your team members!

Spotlight the people behind your company. Show your appreciation for them! Once again, showing the people who help run your company, makes your company and account feel more human and your audience are more than likely to trust your company.

Share company reviews!

Share your company reviews in a fun, cool graphic. Before anyone purchases anything from a company, they always check the reviews. Share your product reviews in a cool graphic that will entice potential customers.

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User generated content!

Share content that your audience has tagged you in/ or photos of them using your product. UGC can be really beneficial to your brand because evidence of people using your product will be encouraging to potential customers as it shows the legitimacy of your product and brand.

These are all great content ideas for your social media accounts especially if you are struggling to come up with content! To read more about social media marketing, digital marketing, SEO etc. Click here to read our other blogs.




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