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7 Powerful Steps To Building Your Personal Brand On Social Media

steps to building your own brand

First Things First What Is A Personal Brand?

When people think of a personal brand, they automatically think of businesses only, however people just like me and you can have a personal brand too. Your personal brand is how make yourself stand out from others Your brand shows who you are and what you do. Your personal brand is unique and shows how trustworthy you are. Your personal brand helps you to build a strong reputation that will help you in both your personal life and professional life.

Why Should You Build A Personal Brand?

Your personal brand showcases your personality and what skills and qualities you have. Your personal brand helps you to build incredible connections and allows you to build your network. The main goal of building your personal brand is to advance within your career, increase your circle of influence and have a larger impact on your life and those around you.

What Steps Should You Take To Build Your Personal Brand:

Steps to building your personal brand

Be Yourself, Stick To Your Identity

When you are developing your personal brand, you want to show off your personality, this is one of the most important parts when it comes to discovering your personal identity. You want to stand out from others and show off how unique you are. Your personality is a distinctive feature of your image. Once you find your unique style, it is best to stick to it, do not stray from it. When it comes to your personal brand do not make the mistake of trying to be someone else, do not share values that you do not relate with, your audience will see right through this, and this will not get you very far. Your personal brand should reflect your personality as best as possible. The best thing to do is to stay true to yourself.

Figure Out Your Unique Value Proposition

A value proposition is the promise of value that is to be delivered, communicated, and acknowledged. A value proposition is a promise of delivery that you make to your audience/ customers. As we mentioned above, people remember those who stand out. This is where you use your value proposition. When it comes to defining your value, you should take two steps: You need to understand your strengths and talk about said strengths. When it comes to understanding your strengths, you need to think about what you have completed well in the past, consider what good things others have said about you and what they see to be your best qualities. Thinking about what makes you stand out and what you do better than anyone else, will lay the foundations for your unique value proposition. When you determine what your strengths are. TALK ABOUT THEM. By doing this, you can begin to build your personal brand around them. Once you begin to share your expertise and your achievements this builds brand credibility and establishes trust with your audience and customers.

If you know what your strengths are but you are not too sure how to turn your strengths into your unique value proposition. There are a couple of other ways in which you can determine your unique value proposition. These are to make your answer specific. A lot of people are hard workers and great team players, however, think of specific instances that you were a hard worker and a great team player (like a job interview). Think about how your uniqueness will make you thrive. Once you know what your strengths are, it is time to apply them. Once again, consider specific times where you have used your strengths to the best of your ability. Lastly, talk about your personality. Yes, being a hard worker is important but so is showcasing your personality. Showcasing your personality traits differentiates your brand from the rest, this will work in your favour.

Next Thing You Want To Do Is Define Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes that you could make is trying to cater to everyone. Do not do this. Define your niche and cater to those within this niche. Your niche should be aligned with your business. To decide and figure out what your niche is, begin with a category that interests you. As a brand, you need to understand who you are, what you do, and what you want to achieve. A good idea is to complete some market research because the more you understand your audience the better prepared you will be to develop new products and services that they will want and need. Take into consideration things like demographics, psychographics, challenges, and pain points. Ask what your audience is struggling with and how you can help them.

Develop A Consistent Brand Message

All brands have a consistent message that they reinforce throughout their content and marketing. Once you decide what your brand message is, use this across all your channels. The reason being is that consistency and reliability builds trust with your audience and help your brand to be more credible.  Keep your design elements such as your logo, slogan, and theme consistent too. This is one of the steps towards creating an incredible, reliable personal brand.

Be Authentic, Be You

Your personal brand should be authentically you. Take a seat and have a think about what makes you and your personal brand different and stand out from others. Your audience will want to interact with you more when they feel that you are being genuine and authentic. Think about what your brand personality will be and how you want to come across online. Your brand personality can be casual, serious, quirky, fun, outgoing, introverted, whatever you feel suits you best.

Create Your Own Website

If you are a business, create your website as soon as you can. Having your own website domain is essential if you are a business owner. Having a website makes your business come across as more reliable too. Creating a website is your chance to create something that is 100% you and what you and your business stands for.

Lastly, Build Your Social Media Presence

Having a great social media presence is essential when you are building your business. Use the same username across all your channels, this shows consistency and will not confuse your audiences. Once you have your username in mind, it is time to build your social media profiles. Remember that you do not need to be on every single social media platform. It may be best to start with two or three until you get the hang of posting consistently. Use social media to get to know your audience and promote your services. However, do not use it solely to promote your business. Engage with your audience, this shows how authentic you are and will encourage people to take more of an interest in your business.

There you have it, the steps you should take when it comes to building your personal brand. Did you find it helpful? Let us know down below. To read and learn more about social media marketing, digital marketing, SEO, and more, visit our website here.




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