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Discussion – 


Traditional marketing vs digital marketing. Which one should you be using? Or should you be using both?

Traditional marketing vs digital marketing

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is when you use traditional channels that are not online to promote your business. Traditional marketing would be media forms such as billboards, printed media i.e., magazines and newspapers, direct mail, broadcast etc.

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is finding ways of using digital channels such as social media, websites, mobiles, video, display ads etc to promote your business. Digital marketing refers to campaigns that are produced online.

To produce a great marketing campaign, the best strategy to use, is to use a bit of both traditional and digital marketing. They both play a significant role. However, there are a fair few differences between both of these marketing strategies. Some of these differences are:

Target audience– With traditional marketing, it is easier to reach out to audience who are more local to you. However, with digital marketing, it allows you to reach your target audience worldwide.

The cost of marketing– With traditional marketing, it is more expensive as it involves a lot of printing and advertising on platforms such as radio and tv. However, with digital marketing, it is a lot cheaper as most of the advertising is done online and a lot of them with using social media which is free. However, you can pay for paid ads if you want to and think these will work for you.

Interaction– With traditional marketing, there is not as much interaction with customers. The reason for this is because traditional marketing is not flexible to be able to incorporate interaction with customers. With digital marketing, as a lot of it takes place online, this gives brands more space to interact with customers. Online, customers are able to give feedback about the service and/ or product they received.

Communication– With traditional marketing, it is mainly one-way communication because of the platforms it takes place on e.g., radio, billboards, tv etc. Whereas with digital marketing, it is a two-way communication, this helps to keep the customer satisfied and ensures that their needs are heard.

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What form of marketing should you be using?

This mainly depends on what kind of business you run and what your target audience and customers are looking for in your marketing strategy. A lot of the time your audience may enjoy a mix of both digital and traditional marketing. To really know what marketing to lean towards, it is a clever idea to do some audience research. Through this research find out what their preferences are when it comes to marketing channels and then focus on those particular channels.

Traditional and digital marketing can work well together. Many successful marketers use both forms of marketing, not just one because this is the best way to provide the best marketing experience for all of your audience and/or customers.

What are the advantages of meshing both traditional and digital marketing?

Using both gives you the opportunity to great unbelievable results for your business. It is a great idea, if you have the budget, to invest in different marketing strategies. This will increase gains and minimise any losses. The reason why you should invest in multiple strategies is because if one falls through, you have the others that you can rely on thus once again minimising any losses. Whereas if one of your strategies work extremely well, you will make a lot more money.

We hope this blog post made your understanding of traditional marketing and digital marketing that bit more easier. Try incorporating both into your future marketing strategies and see the differences this will make.

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