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5 Great Ways In Which Machine Learning Can Enhance Digital Marketing

Ways in which digital marketing can enhance digital marketing

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence. Machine learning focuses on the use of data and algorithms to imitate the way humans learn.

What Are The Ways In Which Machine Learning Can Enhance Digital Marketing?

Ways in which machine learning can enhance digital marketing infographic

Enhances Customer Experiences

Studies have shown that this is the area where machine learning can be the most beneficial. Using this can improve the customer’s online shopping experience. How does it do this though?

  • Machine Learning helps to make sure that your online store is always fully stocked and you are never running low. If you are running low, machine learning can provide you with alternatives to help keep you on top of the stock you have. Machine Learning can also provide your customers with a 24-hour support service.
  • Machine learning can guide your customers through their buying journey by creating personalised product recommendations to help your customers find what they want.

Enables Personalisation

As we briefly mentioned machine learning can help with personalisation. Personalisation can be a costly and time-consuming marketing technique for companies with huge customer bases. Some customers tend to look out for personalisation’s throughout their shopping experiences. According to a study, 52% of customers are more likely to switch brands if they feel like a company is not making enough effort in personalising its messages. Personalisation is especially great within the e-commerce industry. E-commerce personalisation makes customers feel more seen and important, as you will be fully catering to their needs and interests. Personalisation helps with brand loyalty. Customers trust a brand more when they feel listened to. The chances of gaining returning customers are high if they feel like they have had a personalised experience.

Improves User Segmentation

As a digital marketer, you can learn things about your customers and audience over time by measuring their activity in small doses. A standard mobile app may have over two hundred metrics that are available for measurable. A digital marketer tends to measure a maximum of twenty-five. However, a machine can ingest all this information in a matter of seconds and save you so much time and can apply it to marketing efforts. For example, if you are an e-commerce brand, your app has thousands of active users every day. With machine learning, a campaign manager will be able to predict, based on previous behaviours for example, what users are likely to purchase next when they are next going to purchase, etc. Using these kinds of indicators means that the algorithm finds it easier to clump a more general audience and put them into a highly granular, mutually exclusive audiences for more effective targeting and messaging.

Helps To Develop More Products And Services

Nowadays people do most of their shopping online, thus their expectations are now higher. Since most people now online shop this gives companies more opportunity to tailor their marketing strategy especially for more niche groups within their industry. Many businesses already do this, where they develop new products and services based on the findings from machine learning software.

 Can Help To Reduce ‘Marketing Waste’

Machine learning creates the opportunity to learn on the go, which is incredibly important when you work within the marketing industry. In the past, marketers would have launched marketing campaigns with truly little research about their audience, you cannot do this today. As they did not know much about their audiences, this caused them to waste a lot of their own money as they spent so much on ads and promotional tools which did not relate to who they thought were their target audience. Whereas machine learning, allows marketers to reach their audience with products and offers that will receive the best engagement and turn into sales.

These are just some of the ways in which machine learning can enhance digital marketing. It seems like machine learning will be the future. To read more about digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and more. Visit our website here.






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