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What is a social media audit and how to create one!

Social media audit

A social media audit is where you take certain steps to evaluate your brand’s social media pages and then optimise them, so your account can reach more people. Completing a social media audit can help businesses with their presence online and get more reach to new customers.

Why do we need to conduct social media audits?

When you conduct a social media audit, it is important that you are able to see the relationship between your brand and your audience. You will want to see and ensure whether what you are currently doing on your social media pages are retaining your current customers and bringing in new customers.

How to perform a social media audit?

Gather all your social media accounts!

Start recording all the accounts that you have/ still use even the ones that you have not used recently. To give your social media accounts a proper audit you will need to search the internet to find any old social media accounts that are registered to the company you are trying to audit. After your search, then go on to each social network page and search for the brand directly and product names to see if you find any unexpected accounts. When you begin your audit, take note of all unowned accounts, and take the necessary steps to get them shut down.

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Make sure that all your accounts are complete and match your brand.

Once you have gathered all of the accounts that you are using for your brand. Go through all of them and ensure that all of your pages are on brand and are clear as to what you do. Ensure that you are using the relevant logos, hashtags, keywords, colour scheme and up to date images.

When completing an audit, you want to take each social media page into sections, this makes the process less overwhelming.

Bio– When creating your bio, it is important to keep it brief, but you want to ensure that it is clear what your business does. You want your bio to be clear and concise. Ensure that you fill out all of the necessary fields and of course include a way that your customers can contact you and a link to your website! Including your website link, means that customers are more likely to see that you are a legitimate business.

Your username– You want to make sure that your username is clear and easy to remember, customers do not want to spend hours searching for you. They want to be able to find you within seconds. Always try and keep your handles the same across all of your social media pages unless your accounts have different purposes.

Instagram highlights– It is important to use Instagram highlights. This allows new customers to see what you sell/ reviews/ products costs etc without them having to search for it at the bottom of you social media pages.

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Identify your best posts

You want to go into your analytics and see what your best performing posts are for each social media page. The reason you want to do this is because you want to see what type of response you get on these posts. You want to see if your top posts are similar, what kind of content your customers like, what kind of content they interact with the most. This is all important in going forward, as it gives you an indication of what content to create. Especially with different social media networks, as you want to see if people interact with the same posts on Instagram as they do on Facebook.

Look at the performance of your pages.

Go into your pages insights and look at the individual insights and analyse them. Have a look at the following rate, clicks, impressions, demographics. All this information is helpful as it lets you know what kind of content you should be posting, who your main target audience are, times you should be posting etc to help build brand awareness. After you do this, you will then want to track your results over time. We recommend monthly.

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This is all it is when it comes to completing a social media audit, once you do your first few, it becomes like second nature, and you will become an expert in your field. To find out more about SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing. Click here to read our other blogs.




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