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Why Should You Use PPC Advertising?

Graphic with someone holding an ipad with PPC on it with text stating Why should I use PPC advertising?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a new way in which you can market your business. When you are advertising, you pay a small fee each time your ad is clicked. PPC is technically a way of buying visits to your site rather than trying to earn visits organically.

The Different Types Of PPC

Infographic stating the different types of PPC advertising

There are several different types of PPC advertising. These are:

Paid Search Marketing

This is the most common type of PPC. If you use Google Ads to advertise, they will show your ads to users who search for certain keywords. You can set up campaigns here by writing ad copy, selecting the relevant keywords you want to show for, and choosing a suitable landing page for your site.

Display Advertising

These ads are images, banners, or text ads that you see on websites that are selected to target particular audiences. These ads will link back to your website. However, these can run a lower click-through rate, unlike search ads. The reason for this is that some users may see them as spammy.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on these platforms helps to better your click-through rate and increases the number of clicks onto your website. Social media advertising can hugely help to increase the awareness of your products.  You can use social media advertising to target specific demographics.

Retargeting PPC Advertising

This advertising type uses cookies on a user’s browser to show them specific ads based on their previous searches and what they have looked for online. For example, if you must look for a new speaker you will begin to see ads advertising speakers such as the Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Price Comparison Website Advertising

This is where price comparison websites gather and display processes and special offers from different providers, for example, a clothes website would display if they had a 50% off sale. Users then click on the offers that interest them and can buy directly from the company website or on the price comparison website itself.

Affiliate Marketing

This is when affiliate marketers create PPC ads promoting your business, what you sell and place them on search engines, targeted content sites, price comparison websites, and heavily trafficked websites.

Why Should You Use PPC Advertising For Your Business?

PPC Advertising Reaches Your Target Audience Cost-Effectively

Using PPC advertising allows you to have control over your budget, who you want to target, and where you can place your ads. If you continue to optimise your PPC campaign you will eventually get to a good place between budget and results. With PC you only pay for clicks so you are fully in control of your budget, and it is easy enough to keep an eye on.

Using PPC Makes It Easy To Test If Your Product Sells

It might be a good idea to see whether PPC is the best option to do for your business, you can test to see if it works well for you. Do this by running a Google Ads campaign and trying to get 1000 targeted visits so you can measure the results. This will cost you, however, if you want to gain a long-term online presence, the money you are spending now you will eventually get this back in the future, so it is worth it.

PPC Can Drive Immediate Results

PPC advertising can drive immediate results as soon as your campaign goes live and can help you to reach your business goals faster. You will reach your target audience a lot quicker using PPC. This is one of the main differences between PPC and SEO is that you can see immediate results from PPC whereas with SEO it can take a bit longer.

PPC Is Measurable

You can easily measure your PPC ads to see how well they are performing and whether you are seeing a difference in using them. You can easily measure your ROAS using a ROAS calculator. You can use this metric to be able to make educated decisions on your PPC campaign.

PPC Can Help You To Build Your SEO

Having insights from your PPC advertising will be able to help you to build your SEO strategy. The reason for this is because PPC can help you to identify the keywords that are being searched for the most that are most valuable to your business.

PPC Advertising Is One Of The Smarter Forms Of Advertising

PPC is more advantageous than other forms of other advertising. The reason being is because of all the data that PPC advertisers have at their discretion. PPC advertisers can advertise to anyone including their email contacts, people who visit both their website and store in person. PPC allows you to gain new customers and keep the same customers coming back.

PPC Advertising Increases Brand Recognition

PPC will help more people to discover and become more aware of your brand. Creating brand awareness is incredibly important as not everyone who comes across your brand for the first time is ready to make a purchase, however knowing that your brand exists means that they will be ready to make a purchase in the future.

You Only Have To Pay When Someone Clicks On Your Ad

You are not unnecessarily wasting money when you invest in PPC. The only time you must pay is when users click on your ads. Even if your ad reaches 8,000 people but none of them click it you will not have to spend any money. You only pay for your results.

We hope this article helped you with all things PPC and the different ad types that you can invest in. Click here to read our other blogs all about digital marketing, social media marketing, and SEO.




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